QC + Animata: Mr. Cool

In my previous post, I promised to do something more exciting with the QC and Animata communication. You can’t get much cooler than Mr. Cool!

This is a modified rig of the Mr. Cool character I used for my Product Placement animation. I used Max/MSP when I did the animation, but QC is just much more fun.

Mouth and body movement controlled by the sound. Arms have a small LFO on them and you can trigger some other movements with the arrow keys.

Download the example files. Requires the Animata OSC plugin for QC. You also need a recent build of Animata from the svn. Compile it yourself or download this one that I compiled. Should work on intel machines running Leopard.

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5 Responses to “QC + Animata: Mr. Cool”

  1. Forrest O. says:

    Great site, and I look forward to diving in and trying this out.

  2. Prack! says:

    great work, thank for sharing. but, i can’t find the download link of the QC files… maybe i’m blind…

  3. Månsteri says:

    Whoops. Sorry about that. Forgot the link. It’s fixed now. Straight link http://mansteri.com/download/examples/AnimataMrCool.zip

  4. teb says:

    hey, great work man, but i think im not understanding something, this uses quartz to send the audio info to animata ?
    there’s a way to 4example, putting the character and doing the animation inside quartz composer ? sorry for my ignorance
    thank you


    • Månsteri says:

      Sorry for the late reply. Yes, it sends the audio information from QC to Animata via OSC messages.

      There is no way to open the Animata files inside Quartz Composer (at least not yet). You could of course try to do something similar with just a bunch of sprites and 3d transforms.

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