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Mnstri OSC Tools Plugin For Quartz Composer

This plugin contains four different patches.

Animata OSC Patches (Now Part of Mnstri OSC Tools)

  • Animata Layer OSC – Sends messages controlling visibility, opacity, absolute position and relative position of Animata layers.
  • Animata Joint OSC – Sends messages controlling the absolute position of Animata joints
  • Animata Bone OSC – Sends messages controlling the length of Animata bones.

The open source, real-time animation tool Animata can be controlled externally via OSC. However, it has been previously impossible to send compatible messages from Quartz Composer, because the default OSC patch in Quartz Composer doesn’t natively support mixing different kinds of data types in your messages.

Månsteri OSC Sender (Now Part of Mnstri OSC Tools)

This OSC plugin for Quartz Composer allows the user to change the IP, port number and address space dynamically through the input ports.

The current version does not support sending QC Structures as multiple values, but I am looking into ways of implementing it. Please let me know, if you come up with a good solution.


Download Mnstri OSC Tools 1.5 (includes source code)


  1. THIS IS IMPORTANT! Remove AnimataOSC.plugin and MonsteriOSCSender.plugin files from your /Library/Graphics/Quartz Composer Plug-Ins folder before installing, if you have installed them previously.
  2. Move the MnstriOSCTools.plugin to the folder /Library/Graphics/Quartz Composer Plug-Ins




Download clips for VDMX. I’ve just published the inputs so that VDMX sees them. Put these in the yourusername/Library/Application Support/VDMX/plugins/ folder and you will have access to them from the plugin manager.

You might want to change the Min and Max values of any position data to better suit your needs. Currently the absolute ones are set on 1024×768 and the relative layer position is set from -50 to 50.

32 Responses to “Software”

  1. Olle Soprani says:


    Thank you for a wonderful work on the quartz plugs.

    Having trouble getting the Månsteri OSC Sender quartz plugin to work tough. The other works nicely, but i have to control Animata on another computer from quartz. On Snow Leopard.


    • Månsteri says:

      Hi Olle,

      It’s not possible to send compatible messages to Animata with the OSC sender since it can’t mix different data types.

      I’ll modify the Animata OSC plugins to have a configurable ip number. It’s really not a lot of work, but can’t make any promises when I have the time to do it since I’m buried in other stuff.

      If you can’t wait and aren’t afraid of getting into Xcode, you can modify the plugin yourself. You should be able to do it by following what I have done with the OSC sender.

    • Månsteri says:

      Just updated the plugin. Now you can configure the IP and port. Also added support for moving layers in the Z-axis on Animata 004.

      • Olle Soprani says:

        Wonderful, i owe you one. Going to show a producer the workflow with this on thursday, now i don’t have to lie. ;), and now i can say that it works fully. (I compiled the plug with ip for the machine that i wanted to control, but this is much more flexible.) Thanks again.

        /olle Soprani

  2. Olle Soprani says:

    Hi Matti

    I am sorry to say that the ip settings dosent work. I had to change the old quartz plug with a new hardcoded ip. that worked.
    It seams as the ip settings dosent change anything it is still

    btw. we will use Animata and quartz for the show.


    • Månsteri says:

      Thanks for letting me know. There was a really stupid bug that was easy to fix. Download version 1.3. It should be working now.

      Let me know what show it is when you can. I would like to see what you are doing.

      • Olle Soprani says:


        I will let you know the showname in a couple of days. It will be around 15 times 15 minutes talkshow program. where the host is made realtime in Animata controlled with sound, wiimote and a MIDI control from quartz.

        I have started using the joint OSC back from Animata to keep track of the puppet, just to make things easier positioning. The problem is that i can only get one joints, osc data, in quartz, with the quartz osc reciever on 7111.
        Have tired qcOSC, but it dives as soon as i tries to listen on 7111 other ports are fine, for example when sending osc from osculator on other ports.

        Is there a way of configuring a OSC receiver in quartz to listen on a named joint?


        • Månsteri says:

          I haven’t found any way to do that with just QC. qcOSC crashes with me also. I have been meaning to do a plugin for receiving the OSC Joint data from Animata, but haven’t had the time to do it.

          I have used MaxMSP to listen and parse the incoming OSC. Should be possible with PureData and Processing also.

          • Olle Soprani says:

            I am so stupid!

            I have Oscalator, i will try that out.

            B.t.w. it would be nice to have that in your QC Joint as an output. You are doing a nice work.

            Have you seen glitches in Animata, i get them now and then. Sometimes it works for hours without anything, and then suddenly it starts to glitch. Haven’t found out if it is QC Oscalator or Animata.


  3. Månsteri says:

    I know what you mean by the glitches. I believe it is a problem with Animata, because I’ve seen it happen no matter where I send the OSC messages from (QC, Max/MSP, PD etc.).

    A common case when you get glitches is when you are trying to move a joint that is connected to a bone chain that has fixed joints. Glitches almost always. But I’ve seen it also happen with layer messages which is usually very annoying since some layers sometimes just flicker on and off.

  4. Olle Soprani says:

    Hi Matti!

    I hav a question about Animata, if it is ok?

    The Cameratab in Animata (Tab 5 ), what is its purpose?


    • Månsteri says:

      It doesn’t have a purpose right now. As I understand it, they were (are) planning to add some controls for moving a camera, but it’s not yet implemented.

  5. rob says:

    just downloaded koala – seems to work well on SL. one question – how does one make the output window full screen on second display? i haven’t tried it yet, so i apologize if it’s something that just happens automatically when you connect a second display.

    • Månsteri says:

      Short answer. You can’t make it full screen. I was working on a new version some time ago that had full screen, but I just don’t have time for that. I recommend trying out CoGe.

  6. moki says:


    Is there a way to combine QC with Kinect or any other best way to capture body movements?

    thanks a lot and really appreciate for your kind help. I am thinking of capturing dances, but have little knowledge programming.


  7. Josue says:

    HOO all this is so grate but WHAT HAPPENS WHIT THE DOWNLOAD LINK???

  8. Josue says:

    Tanks alot but i have other problem,
    I really have to do this steps

    Combines the Animata OSC and the Månsteri OSC Sender patches into one .plugin file
    Updated to the latesst version of VVOSC framework
    Changed the class names of VVOSC and VVBasics to avoid conflict with other plugins and software using the VVOSC framework. Finally!
    A little bit of cleaning up.

    if so how to do such tihg like Combines the Animata OSC and the Månsteri OSC Sender patches into one .plugin file ??

    • Månsteri says:

      You don’t need to do that. That list is just an explanation of the changes I have made to the plugin compared to the previous versions. You only need to put the plugin into the right folder.

  9. Francois says:


    I downloaded the plugin and put it in the Library/Graphics/QC plugins directory. QC doesn’t start anymore.
    Did i forgot something before the installation of the plugin ? QC works fine if i remove the plugin.
    In fact i essentially need the OSC message to control the depth of layer. Could you help me ?


    • Månsteri says:

      Hi Francois.

      Which version of OS X do you have? I haven’t tested this on 10.8.

      It might also be conflicting with some other plugin. Although I think I had that fixed. Check your console for the error that it gives.

  10. malik says:

    I’ve installed the vdmx plugins,
    and while i open them with qc they succeed in
    moving my animation in animata, in vdmx
    it doesn’t work…
    i’m using vdmx 5, and made sure that the settings in the preferences
    are right in the OSC section, and also that the plugin is sending out OSC information…
    any ideas?

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