Koala 0.5.1

OK. I’ll have to think of something else than this blog for Koala. I’m coming up with small improvements and new versions all the time.

Here’s Koala 0.5.1

– Keyboard shortcuts for video triggering
– Changed the buttons for the effects
– Fixed a bug with the audio sensitivity. It used to default to zero, now the default value is 1

Download Koala 0.5.1

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2 Responses to “Koala 0.5.1”

  1. Tomi says:

    koska poustaat phidget-ohjeet 🙂

  2. Anonymous says:

    full screen ?

    Quartz Composer Performer is a simple cocoa front-end for Quartz Composer, allowing for full screen presentation to a second monitor + a preview window. It supports drag-and-drag media additions to 8 media drop slots, 2-channel crossfades, and triggers for 8 different display/effect modes. It also includes support for the apple remote (!) and saves the current array of media so that when you relaunch it will remember your last media selections.

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