Bloody Good Ideas®

I’ve caught a nasty cold, so recently I have spent most of my time at home in the bed perfecting my ninja senses and thinking of new ways to rule the earth. At times like these I come up with my infamous Bloody Good Ideas® (Helvetin Hyvät Ideat®). Usually these ideas involve controlling music or video in some unorthodox ways. Most of them never get done because I’m just too lazy to ever finish what I’ve started or because the ideas are just insanely stupid. Newest additions to this collection of Bloody Good Ideas® are:

Bloody Good Idea® #347

  • The Human Turntables – People are the vinyls and the faders on a mixer. Every person represents a different song and by working together they can actually mix the songs and even scratch or beat juggle. I’m not telling any details about how I’m actually going to do this because I know that the bad guys are reading this and just waiting to steal my ideas, but I got this planned.

Bloody Good Idea® #348

  • God Is a DJ – I’ve had my MsPinky vinyls lying around for a couple of years, but I’ve never done anything useful with them. So I came up with an idea of controlling a miniature world with the pretty and pink MsPinkstah. I have no idea how I’m actually going to pull it off, but step #1 is to learn how to use Max/Msp.

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