View-Master Photography

I finally got my View-Master camera working properly. It had destroyed a couple of films earlier because the mechanism would get stuck. Too bad, because there would have been some pretty nice pictures from Japan and other pics from last summer, but I was able to fix it and it’s working like a charm. So now I was ready to start making my own reels.

This is what the camera looks like:
I was also able to get the filmcutter needed for making my own view-master reels from eBay for a decent price last winter.
Now I have my first six-pack of reels ready and they are officially the coolest pictures I have ever taken. They aren’t exactly masterpieces photographically but View-Master is the greatest way to view pictures. There’s something magical about it.
Here’s some scanned pictures of the reels. You need to freeview them to see the 3d-effect. It’s not same feeling as looking through a View-Master viewer but at least you’ll see them in 3d. Click the picture to see the whole set. I’ll add more when I have time.

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3 Responses to “View-Master Photography”

  1. Mjukka says:

    Viiltävä kateus.
    Greatissimo, Matti, those pics are magical.

  2. jesus says:

    hi there my name is jesus this is what i was looking to learn to do this tipe of photography were can i learn or you teaching class or if you know were can i go to learn this tape of 3 d photos tank you

  3. Waxtastic says:

    Hi Jesus,

    Your best bet is to use the internet to find information. There are some sites dedicated to vm-photography. is a good place to start. I don’t know of any place where they would teach stereo photography.

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