Trippin’ #1

In case there’s someone wondering what the hell am I doing in the States, I’m participating in an exchange program called Fusion Arts in Digital Media. We are staying in the Rhode Island School of Design in Providence, Rhode Island. Basically, we have 20 students from all over the world working together to create some amazing artwork that will end all wars, cure cancer and make the world a better place in every way. This website might shed some light on what it’s like.

I arrived here yesterday, the flight went well and my first impressions of Providence, RISD and the other students are really positive. Providence is a really nice and beautiful city with all these 19th century buildings blending in nicely with newer and taller buildings. Of course, I’ve been mainly hanging around the College Hill and downtown areas, but so far I really like it. I haven’t found any record stores yet, but I can smell that there’s some vinyl in this city. RISD itself seems like a really great school, I wouldn’t mind studying here. And how could I possibly say any bad things about this place when they give us free housing, three meals a day and a video iPod as a welcoming gift?

I don’t really have any pictures yet, because I’ve been mainly shooting with my trusty View-Master Camera, but here’s the view from my bedroom.

I’m too tired to write anything else right now, but I’ll be posting pictures and other stuff later on.

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  1. Mikko says:

    ehkä nuo nyt just ja just huvilatien näkymät voittaa.

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