Arduino & Quartz Composer

Here is a quick solution on how to get the analog inputs from an Arduino into Quartz Composer. For now, this only supports the analog values. Reading the digital input pins is not hard to implement, but I still haven´t decided what is the best way to do that.

Sending serial data from QC to Arduino is a little bit trickier, but I will definitely try to work on that also.

What do you need for this to work?

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  1. Tobias says:

    Hello Matti,

    I was looking for a resolution to connect Arduino with QC and found this article.
    Could you tell me in which folders I have to save this files?

    Thanks for your help!

    • Månsteri says:

      You can save the files (.qtz and arduino code) anywhere you want. Just upload the Arduino code to your board and open the composition in QC

      Here is a link to the latest serial plugin from Kineme:

      The Serial IO Plugin has to be in this folder: /Library/Graphics/Quartz Composer Patches/

  2. Seej says:

    Hello Månsteri,

    I’m looking to use Quartz to control some motors on an arduino. I’ve got the Kineme Serial QC patch, as well as a working Arduino motor control circuit (h-bridge, and a pot). I’m trying to make the pot (analog) control be something coming from Quartz. You mentioned, and I’ve read some other places, that sending to the arduino is tricky (FTDI drivers?). Any advice/news/examples?

    Great work, by the way. I’m a vj as well, and love using physical objects in my work.


    • Månsteri says:

      I haven’t tried sending serial data from QC for a long time. I got really frustrated as sometimes it worked and then just stopped working. And there was really no way to find out what’s wrong.

      So can’t really say what’s going on now. I have been sending serial data from Max/MSP to Arduino without any problems.

      • Seej says:

        Thanks Mansteri. I’ve found the Kineme SerialIO output to not work with the arduino (using a nano). Tried really basic scripts on the arduino that simply turn a light on when it gets ANYTHING in through the serial (including a slew of break commands, in case some buffer on the arduino is simply filling up).

        But, doesn’t work.

        I then tried the Firmata library on the arduino with Processing, and it works perfectly. Tried digging into what in the Firmata script library works, but its pretty thick in there…

        I’ve now been reading more about having Processing then link up with QC. But, am really loathe to add another layer of technology here.

        Again, thanks. Might have to break down and kick Maxmsp into this.

        • Månsteri says:

          I just got a serial plugin working that is more reliable than the kineme serial out. I modified this one

          It seems to work pretty nicely when sending single characters to Arduino. I still need to polish it a bit before releasing it out there, but email me if you need the plugin.

          m at mansteri dot com

  3. nicolas says:

    hei matti! we met a while ago in tromsø. very briefly.
    question: will this work with any arduino?
    have you tested this under snow leopard?

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