My Robot at the Jättömaa Festival – July 2010

I built a little robot for the Jättömaa festival that happened a couple of weeks ago in Kouvola.

It was hanging by its neck from a tree in the festival area. You could power it up by turning the handle on its chest. This would cause it to come back to life and then die again by hanging.

I wanted to play with the idea of life and death of artificial beings – especially when it was the festival crowd that gave the robot its life and then left it to hang to its death. The theme also suited the festival site as it was used as an execution site during the Finnish Civil War.

Jättömaa was a nice small festival with interesting bands and artists, including Joose Keskitalo, Jaakko Laitinen & Väärä Raha, Katja Tukianen, Sara Milazzo (the lovely lady appearing on the video above) and many others. I have some random video clips from the festival that I might edit together in the near future.

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  1. tuuk says:

    Heip. If you have some videomaterial from jättömaa, it would be fun to see. I’m right now going tru’ all the videomaterial I have (plenty).

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