The Race Code – Kluuvin galleria

I haven’t updated the site in a looong time. Not sure if anyone is reading this anymore… A lot of things have happened both professionally and personally and I’ll try to post something more as soon as possible.

Most importantly, I wanted to post something about The Race Code. An installation I made together with Timo Wright. It is currently on display at Kluuvin galleria in Helsinki as a part of Timo’s exhibition If You Tolerate This…


February 17 to March 4, 2012
Wed–Sun 11-18

Kluuvi Gallery
Unioninkatu 28 B
(4th floor, courtyard)
Helsinki, Finland

Free admission

The Race Code

The Race Code is an installation that comments on the growing atmosphere of racism in Finland. The visitor enters the exhibition space where a large grid of portrait pictures of the previous visitors are displayed. The visitor can then enter a photo booth where they can have their picture taken. The software analyzes the facial features of the person and compares those features to a certain ‘ideal face’. The picture is then added to the grid. The closer the facial features are to that ideal, the higher the picture is placed on the grid, arranging the visitors into ‘higher and lower races’.

I will write about this more in detail when we have some video documentation

The original concept is by Timo Wright. Programming and visual design by me.

The Long Journey Home

The other work in the exhibition is called The Long Journey Home. A very powerful sound installation. I highly recommend listening to the stories carefully (if you understand Finnish). I wasn’t really officially involved in this project, but I helped Aki Päivärinne and Janne Koivula with the programming and electronics.

The Long Journey Home is a sound installation in which the experiences of today’s refugees’, the Finnish war children’s’ and the Karelian refugees’ are combined into a single touching experience.

The Long Journey Home

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