Tree Review

I wanted to quickly mention my Tree Review project. What started as a random Instagram picture, has now evolved into a collection of photographs and stories. Here is a little sample:

  • Squid Tree
  • Vuosaari, Helsinki, FI
  • July 2013

Hundreds of years ago a lonely squid got into a horrible storm and was washed on top of a cliff long way away from the sea. It pondered about its future for a little while on this sllippery cliff. The squid had never really felt like it was actually a squid. All that water business didn’t feel right. The squid was also a very lazy squid and it didn’t want to make the effort to squiggle its way back to the sea through the thick forest. Under the circumstances, being a tree instead of a squid seemed like a brilliant idea. And there the squid still is today, living its life as a tree. A good choice, in my opinion. 4/5

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