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No FireWire On New MacBooks, Only One FW800 on MBP

Wednesday, October 15th, 2008

Nerd ranting warning.

What the hell is Apple doing? There are no FireWire ports on the new MacBooks! Essentially, that means that anyone doing any serious work in video or audio has no reason to buy a MacBook. Our university buys roughly 60 MacBooks per year for the students to buy at a cheap price, but now I dont see any reason why our Audiovisual Media Culture program would buy any of these, since they are useless for video work.

And the new MacBook Pro only has one FW800 port. Again, making any musicians life a bitch since you will most likely need at least 2 FW ports, for an HD and an audio interface. Well, at least you can daisy chain FW devices. And another useless idea was introducing the DisplayPort. That means dropping the support for S-Video and composite adapters. So you´ll need more dongles to connect to different diplays or projectors. I would rather have a computer that is 2mm thicker than having to carry around five different dongles to display the image. Granted, it is smaller and cheaper to manufacture, but that should show up in the price or that would have allowed the space for another FW800 or USB port. Did I mention no E-SATA and no Blu-Ray?

I´m just hoping my current MBP will last through this generation and that Apple would change their course and actually start making laptops that are useful for audio and video professionals.