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The Wall Project Pt. 2

Saturday, July 7th, 2007

A little update. Still not complete. We’ll have to finish this when I get back from the USA in August.

Flash video:

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The Wall Project Pt. 1

Wednesday, July 4th, 2007

The wall opposite the art museum in Rovaniemi needs a new paint job and me and my friend Mikko are doing a small part of it. This is the first finished piece. Mikko deserves most of the credit for this. The stencil is his design, I just helped to make and paint it.

In this video you’ll see the part that we are painting. The Manson/Mickey is not ours though, Samuli did that. The parts with the records and below the street sign are still unfinished. I’ll post an update when it’s finished.

Flash video:

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Black Gold of the Arctic

Friday, April 27th, 2007

Arktikum, a museum and a science center in Rovaniemi ordered a small animation from me for their new permanent exhibition in the Arctic Center. My instructions were that I need to do an animation of a map that shows the transportation of oil from the Yamal peninsula to Europe and the animation should also contain four slideshows that show the different ways how the transportation affects the people and the enviroment. Especially how the oil industry affects the lives of the Nenets people living in the Yamal-Nenets autonomous district.

Here it is. Done on a pretty tight schedule because Arktikum sent me half of the pictures I needed for this only few days before the opening of the exhibition. So, I’m not 100% happy with the result (I never am with the stuff I do) but I’ll improve this a little bit once I have time. Namely the movement of the ship and I also need to add some ambience sound. The sound is not really that essential part of this because of the space where this is displayed but I will add the sound later on.

Black Gold from Matti Niinimäki on Vimeo.

I’ll post a picture later from the Arctic Center so that you’ll see how it’s being used in the exhibition.