Månsteri developed and created the technological solutions for Mortimer, Ville Walo’s solo performance in 2010. These included a real-time projection mapping system and wireless sensor system embedded into objects that the performer juggled with.

The projection and real-time tracking system allowed us to project animations and other video material on the performer’s body or objects on the stage. The system was used extensively in a scene where Ville moves around the stage with a large feather. The system allowed the performer to move more freely on stage and the projection followed the feather, instead of the performer having to run around the stage chasing the images.

The other major piece of the performance that Månsteri created was a wireless sensor system that Ville used on stage embedded to objects that were used for juggling. The objects controlled the sound and music during that part of the performance.

Feather light or deadly serious?

Ville Walo’s solo performance, Mortimer, is a contemporary circus theatre performance where juggling and electrical sensor technology come together with the music composed by Samuli Kosminen. The focused, subtle performance juggles sound and video projections, brings small fluffy things to life and laughs at mortality. The performance’s soft hint of breath brushes the viewers’ skin.

  • Creation: Ville Walo, Anne Jämsä
  • Performer: Ville Walo
  • Lighting design: Meri Ekola
  • Music and sound design: Samuli Kosminen
  • Programming and projection design: Matti Niinimäki
  • Set design, costumes and drawings: Anne Jämsä
  • Choreographic assistance: Jyrki Karttunen
  • Production: WHS, Kiasma Theatre, Karttunen Kollektiv
  • Supported by: the Arts Council of Finland, the Finnish Cultural Foundation

Duration: 55 minutes Premiere: 2010