Matti Niinimäki

My name is Matti Niinimäki. Sometimes I go by the name Månsteri, but you can call me Matti. The Internet does not understand the funny letters of our language, so in many places online I am called mnstri.

Here are some things that I do:

  • I sometimes have the urge to create silly and/or strange things that some people might call art.
  • I am a lecturer in Aalto Media Lab at Aalto University. I am also the head of the New Media Design and Production major.
  • I run a one-person art and design studio called Månsteri in Helsinki, Finland. I mainly create interactive installations and do exhibition design for museum and science centres.
  • I own and operate a store called Mandu.
  • Sometimes I DJ and VJ. Not so much of that in the recent years beyond my home.
  • I like trees, lighthouses, dogs, rhubarb, making the world a better place through small things, and sneakily destroying the power structures of our corrupted western society from within.