Äänimuseo [Sound Museum] is a tangible sound player that I have been working on since 2011 in collaboration with the Rupriikki Media Museum and Tampere Museum Services. Each year we have created a slightly different version of the initial project. The various iterations of the device have been used by the City of Tampere as a service for the elderly. Äänimuseo is used in guided discussion sessions, where the participants can talk about their memories with the help of the sounds.

The device comes with a collection of 32 wooden discs. Each disc represents a sound that can be played by placing the disc on top of the device. In this version, the sounds are everyday sounds divided into three categories: home, office, and cottage.

The fifth version built in 2016 is an improved iteration of the 2015 model that is available for loan from the Tampere City Library home services department. It is based on the same idea of portability as the 2015 version, but is made from solid wood instead of plywood, which creates a more robust and warmer feel. Each of the wooden discs features a laser-etched illustration of the sound.


  • Materials: solid maple and birch plywood
  • Technology: a custom audio player with NFC reader
  • Dimensions: 250 mm x 250 mm x 60 mm

Additional credits:

  • Content curation and collaboration: Lila Heinola (Culture Education Unit TAITE) and Outi Penninkangas (Media Museum Rupriikki)
  • Illustrations for the wooden discs: Narim Lee
  • Photographs: Saana Säilynoja/Vapriikin kuva-arkisto